Digestion Reset


Every so often it's a good idea to re-set your digestion. This allows the body to digest and eliminate any impurities that are accumulating from incomplete digestion, or those  special treat times you have been enjoying!

  • Vatas reset your digestion monthly
  • Pittas reset your digestion fortnightly
  • Kaphas reset your digestion once a week
How to reset your digestion

1. Starting the evening before, have a warm and light evening meal using foods from the light cleansing food lists:

Vata light cleansing diet>> 
Pitta light cleansing diet>>

Kapha light cleansing diet>>

2. At bedtime take 4-6 tablets of Digest Tone or 4 tablets of Herbal Cleanse.

3. The next day is a light diet day. Have soups, juices, teas for all your main meals or snacks. Drink plenty of warm water and herbal tea.

4. At bedtime take 2-4 tablets of Digest Tone or 2 tablets of Herbal Cleanse.

5. The next day start with one of the following drinks:

Drink lemon and honey in lukewarm water to start your day. Place the juice of ½ a lemon and 1 tsp of honey into a lukewarm glass of water and stir. Then drink to help cleanse the palate and to awaken digestion and elimination.

Or if you have a tendency for constipation or strong indigestion take one half cup of aloe vera juice. (Do not take the gel, which is much stronger and not whole-leaf aloe and is not recom­mended by Ayurveda).

Or if you have a tendency for loose bowel bring one cup of pure water (filtered or spring water) to a boil. Let cool down to drinkable temperature. Add juice of an entire small lime or half of a large lime and drink.

6. For breakfast eat a baked or stewed apple or pear and 8 prunes that has been soaked overnight.   

7. If you are still hungry, complete your breakfast with one to two cups of hot, cooked whole-grain cereal, seasoned with cinnamon or cardamom.

8.Drink VataPitta or Kapha teas through out the day.

9. Continue to take 1-2 tablets of Digest Tone prior the evening meal.
Consider taking Nervous System Support as a general tonic or treat yourself with the Amrit Kalash program –  MA5 and MA7 for fabulous antioxidant support and an all round tonic.



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