Digestion Reset


Every so often it's a good idea to re-set your digestion. This allows the body to digest and eliminate any impurities that are accumulating from incomplete digestion, or those  special treat times you have been enjoying!

  • Vatas reset your digestion monthly
  • Pittas reset your digestion fortnightly
  • Kaphas reset your digestion once a week
How to reset your digestion

1. Starting the evening before, have a warm and light evening meal using foods from the light cleansing food lists:

Vata light cleansing diet>> 
Pitta light cleansing diet>>

Kapha light cleansing diet>>

2. At bedtime take  4-6  tablets of Digest Tone  or 4 tablets of Herbal Cleanse.

3. The next day is a light diet day. Have soups, juices, teas for all your main meals or snacks. Drink plenty of warm water and herbal tea.

4. At bedtime take 2-4 tablets of Digest Tone or 2 tablets of Herbal Cleanse.

5. The next day start with one of the following drinks:

Drink lemon and honey in lukewarm water to start your day. Place the juice of ½ a lemon and 1 tsp of honey into a lukewarm glass of water and stir. Then drink to help cleanse the palate and to awaken digestion and elimination.

Or if you have a tendency for constipation or strong indigestion take one half cup of aloe vera juice. (Do not take the gel, which is much stronger and not whole-leaf aloe and is not recom­mended by Ayurveda).

Or if you have a tendency for loose bowel bring one cup of pure water (filtered or spring water) to a boil. Let cool down to drinkable temperature. Add juice of an entire small lime or half of a large lime and drink.

6. For breakfast eat a baked or stewed apple or pear and 8 prunes that has been soaked overnight and or stewed with an apple or pear.   

7. If you are still hungry, complete your breakfast with one to two cups of hot, cooked whole-grain cereal, seasoned with cinnamon or cardamom.

8.Drink VataPitta or Kapha teas through out the day.

9. Continue to take 1-2 tablets of Digest Tone prior the evening meal.
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