Gain Better Immunity by Eliminating and Preventing Toxins

Date Posted:12 April 2011 

Toxins are a principle factor in most diseases. There are two sources of toxins: sources that bring toxins from outside the body, and sources that generate toxins from inside the body. The majority of toxins and impurities that you accumulate in your body this year will most likely be from little mistakes in your own metabolism. These mistakes create useless impurities instead of crucial nutrients from your foods. Ayurveda has a name for these internally-created impurities: "Ama".

Maharishi Ayurveda explains that Ama is created when the 13 "agnis" or digestive "fires" are weak or inefficient. There are actually four conditions of digestive fire, three of which carry the potential to create this harmful Ama until it interferes with normal functioning of mind and body.

  • 1: Balanced Fire—Ideal–Balanced fire does not produce ama
  • 2: Low Fire—Fire is too weak or low—This can produce ama
  • 3: Sharp Fire—The fire is too intense and targeted— This can produce ama
  • 4: Imbalanced Fire—Some aspects are high, some are low—This can produce ama

When the temperature and quality of the weather is fluctuating (as at any change of seasons), the body is much more prone to imbalanced fire. Therefore, in the junction point between the seasons we need to support our physiology by doing some detoxification to remove accumulated Ana. It is also important to maintain good eating habits and daily routine during these demanding times.

We can't control the fluctuations of the weather but we do have control over our own lifestyles. In warm seasons, the physiology can tolerate some limited mistakes in lifestyle, but not when the seasons are changing. This is why more colds, flus, and other diseases appear during the early fall and spring as the weather changes from warm to cold, or back to warm.

Land and Seed Theory (Bij-Bhumi Theory)

The "Land and Seed" Theory of Ayurveda: "Even the strongest seed will not grow in infertile soil."

If you plant a banyan tree, the banyan tree is not going to grow if the land is not fertile. In this analogy , the body is the land while the bacteria, virus, allergen, pollen, etc. are the seeds.

And the environment is another crucial factor. Sometimes the environment is very supportive for the seed and contrary to the land, as during the change of seasons. During the change of seasons, the environment supports the seed to start to sprout even when the land is not very fertile. So we need to take care of the land more diligently. We have to do something to make the land more infertile to prevent the sprouting of disease.

One more factor is fertilizer, which gives the seed a better chance of growing. There are many types of fertilizer for disease, but the most common one is Ama. This is why it is important to try to remove the Ama from our bodies, as Ama helps the seeds (viruses, etc.) to gain strength. With fertilizer, environmental support, fertile land and a seed, we have everything necessary to sprout a disease. This is why it is important to have a good routine, and undertake the steps necessary to remove existing Ama from the body.

We have a product which is directly targeted to make our body or the "land" infertile to disease. This is the ayurvedic nutritional supplement called Rejuvenation Plus (see Featured Ayurvedic Formula below). Based on the theory of land and seed, Rejuvenation Plus has all the properties to make our body more infertile to disease by enhancing the immune system.

Tips for the Change of Season

  • Don't skip meals.
  • Drink warm water. (Boil the water first for 10 - 20 minutes, then let cool to a comfortable temperature before drinking.)
  • Keep a regular routine. Eat your meals on time and go to bed by 10:00 p.m.
  • Avoid foods with preservatives, leftovers, artificial flavors as these types of foods tend to produce Ama.
  • Try the Elim-Tox or Herbal Cleanse formulas to help with the removal of Ama.

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