Rejuvenation PlusMA631 60 Tablets

For stamina, strength and natural immunity

  • Supports the blood, muscle and bones
  • Enhances natural immunity
  • Repairs free radical damage to slow cellular aging
  • Strengthens digestion, assimilation and elimination

This powerful herbal formula, comprised of natural antioxidants and phytonutrients, provides nourishment to every layer of the body especially targeting the blood, muscle, bone and reproductive tissue.

Rejuvenation Plus helps your body resist the effects of aging, correcting imbalances and repairing damaged cells. Better yet, Rejuvenation Plus helps repair the free-radical damage created by a lifetime's exposure to smoke, pollution, alcohol, excessive exercise, and mental and emotional stress. Because it works at the cellular level, it slows the aging process, creating deep and lasting rejuvenation.

One problem as we age is the buildup of toxins due to digestive problems, irregular elimination, and poor dietary habits. Rejuvenation Plus not only strengthens your body's natural detox systems, it powers up digestion and assimilation. This means the food you eat converts to energy rather than toxins. And because the positive effects of this formula increase over time, you can draw on more energy each day

Herbal Masterpiece

This powerhouse combination of 41 ayurvedic herbs includes Guggul (Indian Bedellium), Chebulic Myrobalans, Belleric Myrobalans and Indian Tinospora to maintain mind and body at peak performance. Also contains Mineral Pitch, extolled in the ayurvedic texts as a potent rejuvenative that boosts physical stamina and strengthens the entire physiology.

Always read the label and use as directed. Supplementary to a balanced diet. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. If pregnant take under the guidance of your healthcare professional

English LatinSanskrit Part Used % in mg/500 mg.
Mineral pitch Asphaltum   42.64 213.19
Indian bedellium Balsamodendron mukul Exudate 10.66 53.30
Himalayan silver fir Abies webbiana Leaf 9.29 46.44
Ginger, dried Zingiber officinale Rhizome 4.65 23.24
Pepper long Piper longum Fruit 4.65 23.24
Gall Pistacia integerrima Gall 4.65 23.24
Pepper black Piper nigrum Fruit 4.65 23.24
Indian kudzu Pueraria tuberosa Tuberous root 2.32 11.62
Bamboo manna Bambusa arundinacea Secretion 1.16 5.80
Indian cassia lignea Cinnamomum tamala Leaf 1.16 5.80
Cinnamon Cinnamomum zeylanicum Bark 1.16 5.80
Cobra's saffron Mesua ferrea Flower 1.16 5.80
Cardamom lesser Elettaria cardamomum Fruit 1.16 5.80
  Aqueous extract on dry basis:   0.00 0.00
Grape dried Vitis vinifera Fruit 0.99 4.96
Indian asparagus Asparagus racemosus Root 0.67 3.33
Inula root Inula racemosa Root 0.55 2.76
Liquorice Glycyrrhiza glabra Root 0.54 2.69
Indian trumpet tree Oroxylum indicum Bark 0.48 2.41
Cashmere tree Gmelina arborea Bark 0.43 2.13
Caltrops small Tribulus terrestris Whole plant 0.37 1.84
Picta Uraria picta Whole plant 0.34 1.70
Gulancha tinospora Tinospora cordifolia Stem 0.31 1.56
Black caraway Carum carvi Fruit 0.24 1.21
Cumin Cuminum cyminum Fruit 0.23 1.13
Wintercherry Withania somnifera Root 0.21 1.06
Yellow snake tree Stereospermum suaveolens Bark 0.20 0.99
Country mallow Sida cordifolia Root 0.20 0.99
Indian kudzu Pueraria tuberosa Tuberous root 0.18 0.92
Indian groundsel Pluchea lanceolata Leaf 0.18 0.92
Ivory tree Holarrhena antidysenterica Seed 0.18 0.92
East Indian globe thisle Sphaeranthus indicus Whole plant 0.16 0.78
Major catkins Scindapsus officinalis Fruit 0.16 0.78
Nutgrass Cyperus rotundus Tuberous root 0.09 0.46
Bael Aegle marmelos Bark 0.07 0.35
Danti Baliospermum montanum Root 0.07 0.35
Rice Extract        
Rice Hull Concentrate        
Take 1-2 tablets twice daily 15-30mins before meals with warm water

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The Herbs in Maharishi Ayurveda Products Are Prepared in the Traditional Ayurvedic Way. 100% Natural and Side-Effect Free. Made to Naturally Restore Balance in Your Body. Buy Now!