Digesting the festive season

Date Posted:6 December 2012 

Digesting the festive season can be challenging with the variety of tasty treats to tempt one! This weeks insight we consider how to support your digestive fires so that you will enjoy your food and remain comfortable.  Just as your finger print is unique so to your digestive tendencies.

What is your experience?

Select your tendency below and see what you can do this Xmas to enhance digestion and protect your energy and wellbeing for the coming year:

  • Is your digestion changeable - sometimes okay, sometimes slow, and sometimes hot and fast? This can give rise to burping, flatulence, dryness, constipation or alternating constipation and diarrhea. If yes, your digestive fires are overloaded and in need of help. Along with careful attention to eating warm foods at regular interval be sure to drink enough water and choose fibre rich wholegrains and vegetables. In addition:
    • Take Digest Plus 1 tablet 15 minutes after meals   3 x day to aid digestion.
    • To increase your underlying digestive power and for a powerful antioxidant support take Rejuvenation Plus 1 tablet prior main meals.
    • For constipation also take 2 tablets of Digest Tone at bedtime as needed. Aim for a daily bowel motion first thing in the morning.
    • Take the opportunity of a more relaxed daily routine to walk for 20-30 minutes most days.
    • Drink Vata tea and favour Vata and Pitta balancing foods
  • Do you tend towards an increase of acidity or reflux with bowel motions soft or loose and more frequent – two or more times a day? Summer time is the season where heat increases outside in nature and this can cause internal heat to increase too.  The increased heat can cause food to move too quickly through the body, contributing to inflammation, skin disorders, feelings of impatience, anger or irritability, and vision problems or early graying or balding when the heat moves upwards into the head region.If increased heat is an issue for you this festive season, be aware of causative factors such as ignoring hunger signals when busy; intake of heating foods such as onion, garlic, tomatoes, vinegar, red meat, smoked foods, fried foods, cheese, yogurt, sour cream, alcohol and caffeinated food and drinks; too much spicy, sour and salty foods; working too hard or working in the evenings; periods of stress or intense frustration, bitterness, anger and rage. To soothe and support your digestion:
  • Do you tend towards a slow cold digestion characterized by a dull heavy digestion, sleepiness after meals and increase of mucous - sinus, post nasal drip or cough? As the impurities from incomplete digestion spread about the body aches and pains often arise; mood can be low with lack of motivation and difficulty getting started; weight gain and fluid retention often occur; and weight loss can plateaus or be difficult due to blocked cellular metabolism.
    • Take Digest Tone 1 tablet and Rejuvenation Plus 1 tablet - 30minutes prior breakfast, lunch and evening meals to stimulate appetite and support a healthy metabolism.
    • To support digestion after a heavier meal take Agni-Balance one third of a teaspoon with hot water. It combines 3 hot spices and packs a punch when needed!
  • Common causes are eating before the previous meal has been completely digested; comfort eating; intake of heavy foods such as meats, dairy products, ice cream, fried foods, cakes, pastries and sweets in general; lack of exercise and eating a large meal in the evening. To invigorate your digestion:

Eating is one of life’s joys and you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest this festive season. Bon appetite and Merry Xmas.

The Get Balance Team

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