Elim ToxMA1010 60 tablets

Cleanse toxins and purify the body

  • A gentle formula to purify the liver and blood
  • Strengthens and purifies the liver
  • Supports healthy functioning of colon and intestines
  • Helps regulate elimination

It feels good to get rid of old junk in your life. It feels even better to clear it from your body. Elim-Tox gently helps purify toxins from your whole body — down to the cells. You’ll feel healthy, clear and light. And let’s face it, modern life is full of toxic input.

Chemicals and preservatives in your food supply, toxins in the air and water. Digestive impurities that build up due to poor eating habits. Not to mention the toxic build-up that results from mental, physical and emotional stress.

In Maharishi Ayurveda, these impurities are called ama. They disturb liver functioning and the healthy breakdown of fats, leading to weight and cholesterol problems. They interrupt circulation, leading to poor nutritional input to the cells. They block elimination, causing digestive disturbances. They interrupt the immune system, leading to allergies and disease.

Like other cleansers, Elim-Tox detoxifies the colon and digestive tract. But it doesn’t stop there — it also cleanses the liver, the sweat glands, the nutritive fluid, the blood, the fat tissue. Because this blend of 18 ayurvedic herbs clears the microchannels of the body, allowing waste to be removed and vital nutrients to reach the cells, you’ll feel energy radiating from every pore.

NOTE 1: If you regularly experience heartburn, stomach acid or if you easily become irritated or angry, the product Elim Tox O (MA1663) is a better choice.

NOTE 2: Do not take Elim Tox along with Be Trim 1 (MA1006), Be Trim 2 (MA1007), Radiant Skin (MA926), Elim Tox O (MA1663) or Bio-Immune (MA1000)

Always read the label and use as directed. Supplementary to a balanced diet. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. If pregnant take under the guidance of your healthcare professional

English LatinSanskrit Part Used % in mg/500 mg
Caltrops small Tribulus terrestris Fruit 11.65 58.24
Indian sarsaparilla Hemidesmus indicus Root 9.71 48.54
Rose Rosa centifolia Petal 6.80 33.98
Creat Andrographis paniculata Whole Plant 4.85 24.27
Indian barberry Berberis aristata Stem 4.85 24.27
Nutgrass Cyperus rotundus Root 4.85 24.27
Butterfly pea Embelia ribes Fruit 3.40 17.00
Turmeric Curcuma longa Rhizome 3.40 17.00
East Indian globe thisle Sphaeranthus indicus Whole Plant 3.40 17.00
Turpeth root Operculina turpethum Root 3.40 16.99
Wintercherry Withania somnifera Root 2.91 14.56
Sandalwood white Santalum album Heartwood 2.91 14.56
Iron oxide Ferri oxidum   1.94 9.71
Margosa Azadirachta indica Leaf 1.94 9.71
Coral Corallium rubrum   0.97 4.85
Aqueous extract in dry basis        
Gulancha tinospora Tinospora cordifolia Stem 9.71 48.54
Liquorice Glycyrrhiza glabra Root 9.71 48.54
Indian madder Rubia cordifolia Root 2.91 14.56
Indian laburnum Cassia fistula Fruit pulp 2.91 14.56
Chiretta Swertia chirata Whole Plant 2.91 14.56
Margosa Azadirachta indica Bark 1.94 9.71
Gum acacia (GRAS Listed)   Exudate 1.94 9.71
Rice Extract     0.49 2.43
Rice Hull Concentrate     0.49 2.43
Take 1 tablet twice daily with water for the first 15 days. Then increase to 2 tablets twice daily. For cumulative benefit take for 3 months after desired result is achieved. NOTE: If you regularly experience heartburn, stomach acid or if you easily become irritated or angry, the product Elim Tox O (MA1663) would be a better choice.NOTE: Do not take Elim Tox along with Be Trim 1 (MA1006), Be Trim 2 (MA1007), Radiant Skin (MA926), Elim Tox O (MA1663) or Bio-Immune (MA1000)

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