How to do a 7-14 Day Gentle Seasonal Cleanse

Date Posted:8 April 2013 

1. Detox Herbals

  • Take 4 tablets of Herbal Cleanse before going to bed each night to help eliminate impurities
  • Take 2 tablets of Elim-Tox or Elim-Tox-O morning and evening to cleanse the liver, blood, sweat glands and the elimination system
    • Which one is for me? If you experience heartburn, excess stomach acid, feel angry a lot of the time or suffer from acne take Elim-Tox-O.  If these do not apply to you take Elim-Tox
  • Take 2 tablets of Genitrac morning and evening to purify the urinary tract and assist the removal of toxins
    • Note: If you take Amrit Kalash, you can cut your dosage in half while doing the Seasonal Cleanse
    • Note: If you are currently taking any of the following: Be Trim 1 (MA1006), Be Trim 2 (MA1007), Bio-Immune (MA1000) or Radiant Skin (MA926) stop taking them while you are taking the Elim-Tox or Elim-Tox O. Reason? These formulations have overlapping actions and benefits

2. Detox Lifestyle Tips

  • Going to bed before 10:00 P.M. and rising before 6:00 A.M. are recommended.
  • Gentle exercises like yoga or walking every day help release toxins. It’s best to avoid vigorous exertion or team sports.
  • It’s best to eat your largest meal at noon. A stewed apple is a good choice for breakfast, with soup or other light foods at night. Keeping a consistent meal schedule helps your body get used to the routine.
  • A daily massage is recommended if you can fit it into your daily routine or 2-3 times a week. 
    VATA: Dryness, irregular digestion, constipation, difficulty going to sleep, frequent worry: use herbalised Vata Massage Oil and sip herbal Vata Tea during the day.
    PITTA: Heat and acidity, tendency to loose bowel or more than 1 or 2 bowel movements per
    day, anger and irritability, skin conditions: use herbalised Pitta Massage Oil and sip herbal Pitta Tea through the day.
    KAPHA: Overweight, fluid retention, high cholesterol, fatty liver, slow digestion: use herbalised Kapha Massage Oil and take Kapha Tea or Be Trim Tea.
  • A warm bath after your massage helps to remove toxins.

3. Detox Dietary Tips

While your body is releasing toxins, it is recommended to eat lighter to help the process along.

  • Warm, light, cooked foods such as soup are recommended
  • Favor fresh, organic foods over canned, frozen, packaged or processed foods
  • Drinking eight cups of pure, filtered water a day is also recommended. Sipping hot water especially helps dissolve toxins and facilitates their flow out of the body
  • It’s best to steer clear of heavy food like red meat, leftovers, fried foods, oily foods, yeasted breads, sugary desserts, crackers and dairy products such as cheese and yogurt since they are hard to digest
  • Favour warm fresh foods and warm drinks to aid cleansing.
  • Detox foods to favour: Cooked fruits: prunes, figs, apples, pears, pineapples and papayas. Cooked vegetables: leafy greens, Brussels sprouts, crucifers such as cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. Grains: Flatbreads such as fresh chapatti, quinoa, barley, amaranth, rice and kanji (rice water made by cooking 8 cups water with 1 cup rice).


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