Boost Your Inner Power

Date Posted:13 December 2012 

Many people are frequent visitors to their doctor's office, desperately wanting to know why they are always so tired and lethargic, feeling chronically fatigued.

This usually occurs because there is a toxic overload within the body that blocks the flow of your life force which presents symptomatically with fatigue, lethargy, loss of excitement or vitality for life, poor digestion, aches and pains, and depression or anxiety.

Fortunately, the human body is amazing and at its core being is the vital energy, which allows you to reverse the damage done once you return the harmony between the mind, body, and spirit and allow the life force to flow naturally and freely.

To keep it simple we have identified three key steps to take when wishing to maximize your mental and physical energy.

1. Personally tailored daily routine
Keeping a regular daily routine is key to maximising energy. Maintain regular bed time and rising time - aim for 7-9 hours sleep;  eat food that suits your type at regular intervals and favour seasonal foods; be active most days; and have time to relax or de-stress each day. Having a routine makes it easy to fit all of this in as a background task that just gets done each day. Where could you maximise your energy by refining your daily routine?

2. Eliminate Toxins, Restore Energy
A body that is overloaded with an accumulation of toxic residue from improper digestion is naturally fatigued and low in energy. To reduce accumulated impurities:

  • Sip Vata, Pitta or Kapha tea every 30-60 minutes through the day.
  • Have heavier proteins and largest quantity of food at lunchtime with light evening meals.
  • Be active - minimum of a 20-30 minute walk each day.
  • Take Elim Tox or Elim Tox O tablets to help systematically cleanse toxic residue so that the natural vitality of your life force can be restored.
  • Ensure you have 1-2 bowel motions each day. If constipated take Digest Tone 2-4 tablets prior bed and if you have a tendency for loose or more frequent motions take Aci-Balance after meals.

3. Restore Mental Energy
There is a very precise and sophisticated understanding in Ayurveda about how to combine herbals to promote maximize mental power. One key herbal used in these formulations is Brahmi.

Brahmi is perhaps the most important rejuvenative herb in Ayurveda that has amazing potential for enhancing your mind power no matter your age. To support your mental and physical resources use the following products which contain Brahmi:

  • Stress Free Mind - Supports resistance to daily mental stress and fatigue
  • Tranquilitea -  Helps calm mind and emotions so that you remain unruffled and yet decisive
  • Slumber Time Tea - Helps disengage the mind from the senses to fall asleep easily and wake up refreshed and alert
  • Intelligence Plus - Supports your ability to learn, at school or on the job. Supports concentration, retention and recall.

May your life force flow freely energizing your mind, body and performance as your inner power is boosted this week.

The Get Balance Team 

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