Triphala - great for so many things...

Date Posted:9 October 2013 

There is a saying in India that if a vaidya (ayurvedic expert) knows how to use Triphala properly, he/she can help heal any disease. Digest Tone contains Triphala which is great for so many things. Triphala is

  • Particularly rejuvenating for the digestive tract
  • A deeply nourishing tonic for the eyes and the skin
  • A herbal that gently detoxifies the body and can be taken for longer period of times
  • An effective cleanser that goes deeply into the physiology to release deeply seated impurities
  • Excellent for detoxifying blood, muscle and fat tissue and helps balance cholesterol
  • An effective herbal for skin conditions and urinary tract disorders
  • A powerful anti-aging tonic
  • An effective laxative when taken before bedtime
  • Helpful for enhancing the absorption of nutrients from food

The Ingredients
The ingredients in Digest Tone are powerful individually and when combined correctly their healing power is greatly increased.

  • Haritaki Mentioned in almost all ayurvedic textbooks it is said to be nourishing and useful for everyone as mother’s milk. It cleanses the channels in the body and is absorbed quickly by the body and is balancing to all 3 doshas.
  • Amalaki An excellent source of Vitamin C, Amalaki is the most concentrated and absorbable source of vitamin C in the plan kingdom. Amalaki also contains other absorbable minerals that nourish the skin, blood and whole body and is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Bibhitaki The third ingredient in Triphala cleanses the nutritive fluid of the body clearing clogged channels almost as if drilling them clear.
  • Rose centifolia obtained from rose petals is added to support the synergy of the other ingredients and promote their effectiveness.

Quality Matters
At Maharishi Ayurveda, we are committed to only using the highest quality ingredients, and to upholding the authenticity of the ayurvedic tradition no matter what the cost.

We use fruits that are grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers or exposure to environmental pollutants, and harvest the fruits only at their peak, when they are ripe on the tree.

Once the fruits are collected, at the processing factory they are sorted and tested to make sure the batch is of the right degree of ripeness and the proper quality. The fruits are washed and cleansed of traces of jute (jute bags are used to collect the fruit), dirt and dust. They are tested for foreign material, heavy metals and for bacteria before, during and after processing. The processing methods we use do not destroy the natural properties of the fruits.

Our recommendation

Our consultant Linda recommends that everyone consider taking Digest Tone before the evening meal 1-2 tablets to support optimal nutrition. She also explains that this will help to protect against accumulation of impurities (ama) from the evening meal when digestive fires are typically low.

Wishing you perfect balance.

The Get Balance Team

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