Herbal Body Detoxification with an Internal Body Cleanse

Date Posted:20 January 2012 

Ayurvedic experts have long recommended that followers do periodic internal cleanses in order to prevent disease or afflictions from being manifest and to promote healing and longevity. Just like changing the oil in your car or flushing out the plumbing in your home, Ayurveda uses herbal body detoxification to maintain the balance of your doshas and bodily systems.

Herbal body detoxification is especially recommended if you are age 40 or over, as the body's cleansing and rejuvenation mechanisms begin to slow down. Spring is the best time to do a body cleanse, as those mechanisms are at their strongest, just as in nature.

Properly functioning digestion is one of the most essential elements of good health. You’re your digestive system is working efficiently, all of the food you consume is either digested into nutrient-rich fluid and absorbed by the body or flushed out as excreted waste. However, when the digestive system is not working as it should or is incomplete, improperly digested food is left behind.

This partially digested food matter can putrefy and rot, causing a sticky and toxic residue to form. In Ayurvedic medicine, this substance is referred to as ama and it is not only inherently toxic in and of itself, but it also blocks the channels of the body, which further hinders digestion. This leads to a downward cycle, causing more ama and creating a toxic state in the body.

Ama is a breeding ground for an overgrowth of yeast, mould, parasites and infections. Ama allows the physiology of the body to become weakened and out of balance, which is the first stage, and if not remedied, can lead to many health disorders and disease.

Whether you eat a perfect diet or one that is less than ideal, the digestive process will naturally leave some toxins behind. However, eating junk or processed foods, too much white flour or white sugar and foods that are genetically modified or laden with chemicals and preservatives will accelerate the toxic build-up and weaken the body's physiology.

Drinking ice cold beverages, iced water or cold desserts douses the digestive fire and also creates and stimulates the build-up of ama. Eating food before the last meal has been digested, consuming overly heavy or rich foods, eating immediately prior to or after a workout, or overeating when stressed all have an impact on the generation of ama.

If you are wondering if you have a build-up of ama, there are some characteristics to look for to determine if it’s time for an herbal body detoxification or internal cleanse.

The following can be indicators that your body is battling toxicity, if you:

  • have a white coating on your tongue upon waking in the morning.
  • grow lethargic or sluggish after eating a meal
  • feel lethargic even after a good night's rest
  • crave junk foods or have a poor appetite
  • have no zest for life or a noticeable lack of energy
  • experience brain fog or clouded thinking
  • experience unusual abdominal pain, gas and bloating
  • are often constipated or feel heavy
  • experience general aches and pains
  • have a sense of overall malaise

If you experience three or more of these indicators, an herbal body detoxification or internal cleansing is in order. You can use one of the many natural detox remedies available through Ayurveda, including detox vitamins, or you can follow this Ayurveda internal body cleanse.

Begin by eliminating ama-producing foods, including: junk food; foods with additives, preservatives or chemicals; foods grown in or with pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers; and processed, canned and frozen foods. Avoid heavy meats and desserts, white sugar, white flour, caffeine, carbonated beverages, yeast, and dairy products.

Pick foods that work well for your dominant dosha; they should be fresh, whole and natural foods. Eat warm, cooked foods, but not while they are still hot. Also, avoid consuming any food or drinks that are ice cold.

An at-home Ayurvedic herbal body detox involves three phases: preparation, cleansing, and post-cleaning or rejuvenation.

The first stage follows one of the many detox diets recommended by Ayurveda. In the second stage you can incorporate one of the numerous natural detox remedies available. There are many detox vitamins recommended for both the cleansing and post-cleansing stages.

A few of these detox vitamins include Digest Tone, Herbal Cleanse, Elim-Tox, Elim-Tox-O, Genitrac and Amrit. Each one is specially designed to support key body functions while aiding your herbal body detoxification.

Whether you take detox vitamins on a regular basis, undergo one of the many natural detox remedies or do an herbal body detoxification, periodic internal cleansing can cleanse, heal and rejuvenate your mind and your body.

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