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Your questionnaire results indicated a predominance of Kapha Characteristics 

The theme of the Kapha  type is relaxed and laid-back - Earthy Kapha.

Kapha dosha is strong in the elements of water and earth.

Kapha is the slow and steady dosha that governs structure and lubrication in the mind and body. It controls weight and growth, the lubrication for the joints and lungs and the formation of all the seven tissues - nutritive fluids, blood, fat, muscles, bones, marrow and reproductive organs.  Key qualities are heavy, sweet, steady, soft and slow.

  • Heavy: leading to natural stability and calmness under pressure; obesity, heavy digestion and/or a heavy lethargy when out of balance.
  • Sweet: leading to naturally sweet temper, kindness, and weight gain when too many sweet foods are eaten.
  • Steady: leading to self-containment and serenity; bodily processes that do not swing to extremes and remain relatively unaffected by change.
  • Soft: leading to solf skin and hair; gentleness; affection; a solft manner and look in the eye; an undemanding approach to situations.
  • Slow: leading to slow, fluid mobement, slow speech and deliberate thinking

When in balance Kaphas enjoy sound health, due to excellent immunity. They have a strong and well proportioned body with excellent stamina. They are sympathetic, courageous, loving, happy, tranquil, steady and generous by nature.

Out of balance Kapha causes a cold heavy digestion, leading to weight gain, fluid retention, sinus and chest congestion, cravings and low mood states

When feeling stressed, the typical Kapha response is - I don’t want to deal with it.

Characteristic of Kapha Type

  • Solid powerful build; great physical strength and endurance
  • Steady energy, slow and graceful in action
  • Tranquil, relaxed personality; slow to anger
  • Cool, smooth, quick, pale. often oily skin
  • Slow to grasp new information, but good retentive memory
  • Heeavy, prolonged sleep
  • Tendency to obesity
  • Slow digestion, mild hunger
  • Affectionate, tolerant, forgiving
  • Tendency to be possesive, complacent 

It is very Kapha to:

  • Mull things over for a long time before making a decision
  • Wake up slowly, lie in bed a long time, and need coffee once you are up
  • Be happy with the status quo and preserve it by conciliating others
  • Respect other people's feelings with which you feel genuine empathy
  • Seek emotional comfort from eating
  • Have graceful movements, liquid eyes, and a gliding walk, even if overweight

Natural providers they are most suited to family life and create a nuturing and sustaining home. They work best in situations demanding stamina and nurturing – natural teachers, parents, healers, chefs, great task force workers for organisations, as well as accountants, technicians and production facilitators. They are able to combine their earthy qualities with the fine arts of dance, poetry and music.

My Wellbeing

There is a deep tendency within the mind and body to protect health by maintaining a mind-body balance. Following the dietery, exercise and lifestyle guidelines for your body type and adjusting with seasonal changes helps to maintain balance and keep you energized.

Life is busy … so it is helpful to know what is the most important diet, exercise or lifestyle choice that I can make as a Pitta Type?

Look out for the next All about me email to see what the # 1 Priority is for you!

The Get Balance Team

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