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Your questionnaire results indicated a predominance of Vata Characteristics 

The theme of the Vata  type is changeable and restless.

Vata dosha is strong in the elements of air and space. Vata governs all movement in the mind and body. It is the most important dosha and keeping it in a state of balance is essential - especially when combating stress, overload and the aging process. Key qualities are changable, cold, moving, quick, dry and rough:

  • Changable - Leading to changable digestion, elimination and mood states.
  • Cold - Leading to discomfort in cold climates
  • Moving - Leading to flexibility and strong circulation when in balance, and stiffness and poor circulation when out of balance.
  • Quick - Leading to strong short-term memory, strong imagination, enthusiasm, impulsiveness, mood swings, scattered thoughts and rapid speech
  • Dry - Leading to dry or chapped skin, dry or dull hair, dull eyes, scant or moderate sweat and when out of balance a tendency for psoriasis or excezma
  • Rough - Leading to rough skin and coarse hair texture



When in balance Vatas are lean with excellent agility and always on the go! Movement and change are characteristic of their nature and they enjoy excitement and new experiences. They are quick in their responses - quick to anger and quick to forget.

Out of balance Vata causes a sensitive and irregular digestion, light or interrupted sleep and sensitivity to stress, fear, anxiety and worry. Imbalance leads to weight loss, constipation, hypertension, arthritis, fatigue and weakness, restlessness and digestive disturbances.

When feeling overwhelmed or stressed, their response is "What did I do wrong?"

Characteristics of Vata Type

  • Light, thin build
  • Performs activity quickly
  • Irregular hunger and digestion
  • Light, interrupted sleep, insomnia
  • Enthusiasm, vivaciousness, imagination
  • Excitability, changing moods
  • Quick to grasp new information, also quick to forget
  • Tendency to worry
  • Tendency toward constipation
  • Tires easily, tendency to overexert
  • Mental and physical energy comes in bursts

It is very Vata to:

  • Be hungry at any time of the day or night
  • Love excitement and constant change
  • Go to sleep at different times every night, skip meals, and keep irregular habits in general
  • Digest food well one and poorly the next
  • Display bursts of emotion that are short-lived and quickly forgotten
  • Walk quickly 


Vata types are natural teachers, philosophers, lecturers, musicians, law enforcers, international liaisons, foreign ministers, communicators, political consultants, religious ministers, bankers, charity organizers, union leaders, and counselors. They are literally the heart and stomach of an organization. 

My Wellbeing

There is a deep tendency within the mind and body to protect health by maintaining a mind-body balance. Following the dietery, exercise and lifestyle guidelines for your body type and adjusting with seasonal changes helps to maintain balance and keep you energized.

Life is busy … so it is helpful to know - What is the most important diet, exercise or lifestyle choice that I can make as Vata Type?

Look out for the next All about me email to see what the # 1 Priority is for you!

The Get Balance Team

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