You Are Unique

It’s true, there’s only one of you on this planet. But you must admit, although you are vastly different to many people, there are others you share similarities with and are drawn to. Why is it you only need to look at food and you seem to put on weight, when your best friend can eat with abandon and stay trim? It’s time to celebrate your own uniqueness...

Understanding yourself and others through this original science of mind-body types is both helpful and fascinating. 

By nature ....

  • Do you have a moderate build with a fair complexion and eye colour of green, grey or hazel? Do you have a tendency for increased body heat, acidity, strong appetite, soft or loose bowels, with bouts of anger if stressed?  Are you enterprising, direct to the point, perceptive and decisive by nature, with a tendency to be invigorated by work, deadlines and stress? If you can say yes to a number of these tendencies, then Pitta qualities are likely to be strong in you.  
  • Do you have a lighter, thinner build with dry or rough skin and a tendency to feel the cold? Would your friends say you are talkative, fast moving and like constant excitement and change? Do you have a tendency for worry or an overactive mind, gas, constipation, with difficulty falling asleep if stressed? If you said yes to a nunber of these tendencies, then Vata qualities are likely to be strong in you.
  • Do you have a solid, heavier build with a tendency to move slowly and gain weight easily? Are you naturally relaxed and happy? Do you find change or letting go difficult and may become stubborn if pushed? Can you skip lunch without significant discomfort? Do you tend to accumulate mucous particularly in the morning and need a coffee to get going in the morning? If you said yes to a number of these tendencies, then Kapha qualities are likely to be strong in you.

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