Strengthen Your Immune System

Date Posted:7 April 2011 

There is no question that the single most important prevention against disease or illness of all kinds is a healthy immune system. Every day we are taking in toxins from air, water, food and our whole environment that may contain harmful bacteria that we are unable to see. It is essential, then, that we protect our immune systems fully, building them into a strong fortress of protection for our vulnerable bodies. To strengthen your immunity is to armour your body on every level.

Daily use of an herbal antioxidant will help to augment your healthy diet and give you the added advantage you need to fight off illness. Our ReGen Vitality (MA1) is just one of the natural immune boosters we offer in our complete line of immunity-building herbal products designed to protect every aspect of your immune system. From a simple cold to a real pandemic, we have the natural solutions to keeping your body as insulated as possible. The main ingredient in this formula is the most sought-after fruit of Ayurvedic herbals — Amla (Indian Gooseberry). This fruit is a powerful Ayurvedic component that promotes health, longevity and overall balance for everyone. Maharishi Ayurveda processes Amla according to the Vedic Texts, which utilize only wild Indian Gooseberry. Implementation of a multiple drying and dipping method has the effect of increasing the potency substantially.

Our powerful Amrit Kalash Ambrosia (MA5), an all natural blend of 13 traditional herbs formulated to promote vitality and inner strength, is yet another natural solution in our immunity protection line. Research indicates that Amrit Ambrosia is as much as a thousand times more effective than Vitamins C and E alone. This cherished formula contains the most revered Ayurvedic herbs—Amla, Aswagandha, Tinospora, Indian Asparagus and Aloeweed. Amrit is still created using ancient proven formulas that produce results.

Protection Plus Respiratory and Protection Plus Sinuses are two of the winter “must have” herbal formulas to protect against colds and other upper respiratory ailments that are so common throughout the colder months. Detailed product information is always available on our website as well as personal consultations with our experts who will answer your questions and make proper recommendations for you personally. Your good health is your most valuable possession.

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