Supercharge your exercise

Date Posted:20 November 2012 

The foundation of any physical pursuit is of course, a strong body that is vibrant with energy and health. We all know that adequate fluids, nutritious food, rejuvenating sleep, regular exercise and a happy work life balance are key to optimal mental and physical fitness. This week we look at what herbals you can take to give yourself an additional edge, helping you to achieve stellar sports performance!

Our bodies are wonderfully complex and Ayurveda provides a sophisticated understanding and herbals to maximise energy and performance. When considering how to super charge your exercise it doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete - the herbals we suggest will support stellar performance at any level.

Super Charge Plus

  • Take Premium Amla Berry 2 tablets 30 minutes prior breakfast, lunch and dinner. A powerful energiser and antioxidant Premium Amla Berry is made solely from the most popular and elusive of Ayurvedic herbs — Amla (Indian Gooseberry). This potent herbal helps build vitality, strength, lean muscle and increases overall muscle strength while developing endurance. Its unique ayurvedic action offers athletes and body-builders a natural way to tone muscles and build lean mass. Amalaki makes protein synthesis more effective, which is why it is ideal for improving the mass of lean muscle and increasing overall muscle strength.  more>>
  • Take Rejuvenation Plus 1 tablet with Amla Berry 30 minutes prior meals 3 x day. Rejuvenation Plus is a potent mixture of 41 different herbs, carefully formulated to repair cellular damage, strengthen detox systems, and convert food to energy rather than toxins. This slows the effects of aging and gradually increases your energy stores, which in turn betters your sports performance.
  • Take Amrit Kalash Nectar 2 tablets at bedtime. Deeply nourishe and protect your body and mind with this amazing formula taken at bedtime as part of the super charge plus routine of herbals. Experience the benefits for yourself - Amrit Kalash strengthens every cell for optimum functioning and coordinates mental and physical function helping to protect and enhance mind body performance.

Have a great time getting in shape or staying in shape. We love to hear the stories from our community of happy customers. So if you have one to share - make out day by sharing it with us!

The Get Balance Team 

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