Test Your Health Tips

Great, now let’s look at your results

Answering YES to 1 or more questions in a section indicates an imbalance has arisen in that dosha. Addressing imbalance helps to restore health, prevent illness and supports longevity.  

When an imbalance arises there is usually a precipitating cause that can be pointed out and corrected. By adjusting simple daily choices over a 3-6 week period balance can often be restored.


Step 1:

Review your results to see which dosha has the highest score of imbalance for you. Your scores were on the previous page, and have also been emailed to you.

Step 2:

Then select the link below of the dosha with your highest score. If two sections have the same highest score identify the symptom that causes you the most discomfort and balance that dosha first. Now select the link with your highest score to get started…


Which Dosha scored highest?

  VATAStart here if your highest score was in Vata
  PITTAStart here if your highest score was in Pitta
  KAPHAStart here if your highest score was in Kapha


Kapha Pitta Vata

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