The Importance of Enjoyment

Date Posted:15 May 2012 

The pursuit of pleasure is not to be sneezed at.

The universe has provided us with the environment in which nature throws up opportunities for enjoyment in abundance. We humans, through our innate creativity have put the icing on the cake with art, architecture, music, dance, literature, theatre, games and countless indoor and outdoor activities. Not to mention the enjoyment we get from just plain social interaction with family, friends and workmates.

So much to enjoy! It is a sin not to participate in some of it.

One thing about clichés - they usually hit the nail on the head. Take this one: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

Do you spend 10 hours a day, seven days a week, four weeks a month and twelve months a year, working, working working? No matter how much you love your job you are considerably reducing your view of life. To expand and grow our human consciousness we must embrace the leisure/pleasure principle.

Do you feel guilty about doing the things you enjoy? Stop now! Make time to do them. Gather people around you who enjoy doing the same things. This is very important in relationships.

If you love the ballet but he hates it, don't not go. Find people who also love the ballet. Go with them. Make a night of it. Enjoy!

If you love a day at the cricket but she hates it, don't not go. Gather your mates who also love a day at the cricket. Have a Big Day Out!

Say this out loud "I do not feel guilty about doing the things I enjoy! I promise myself that every day I will do something I love." Remember, we are not talking about self-indulgence here. We're talking about being fair and reasonable with ourselves and others.

Get a year planner: Priority! Before anything else, mark in where you want your holidays to be. Ensure you give yourself a long weekend every twelve weeks. Mark in important anniversaries. Mark in upcoming shows/events. Mark in family time. You are planning time for enjoyment. Everything else is work time, where you make the money so that you may have a good time.

Enjoyment Bonus: You'll love your job even more - when you're at work you'll be giving yourself a good time!

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