Sleep - Your Daily Reset

Author: Linda Sinden   Date Posted:1 May 2018 

Quality sleep provides a 're-set' to the mind and body and is the foundation for a great day. Don’t you feel so much better and mentally sharp when you feel refreshed and invigorated from a great sleep.

This week we review key lifestyle tips to help you enjoy a great sleep and a technique to help settle you for sleep.

Did you know…

  • A study of almost 7,000 Alameda County residents in the USA over a nine-year period found that people who routinely slept six or fewer hours a night had about 70 percent higher risk of dying than people of a similar age who slept seven or eight hours a night.
  • More and more research is showing a link between sleep duration and the development of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and depression. 


Key lifestyle tips for a great sleep

Adopt a work-home transition that helps you leave work at work, allowing you to embrace and be present in your home and personal life. What works for you?

Don’t expect yourself to switch off in 5 minutes and go straight to sleep. Some can, many can’t. Wind down for at least 45 minutes prior bed. Put the computer off, reschedule intense discussions and avoid activity that requires intense concentration. Relax, chill and let the day go as you prepare to sleep.

  • Consider taking 2 tablets of Deep Rest at bedtime if you have a tendency to wake in the night.
  • Or if you have difficulty going to sleep then take Blissful Sleep 2 tablets 15-30 minutes prior sleep.
  • In both situations take Peace of Mind 2 tablets prior breakfast and evening meals. This helps to balance Prana Vata which can give rise to an overactive mind, anxiety or mental worries.

Have a regular time and routine for going to bed, light out; (10pm is ideal); along with a regular time for waking and rising. (Rising just before sunrise is ideal.)

Eat lightly, as heavy meals in the evening may keep you awake. Aim to eat 2-3 hours before bedtime. Reduce caffeine as it is a stimulant. Some people find they can have 1 cup in the morning and be okay to sleep at night. Others find even one cup a day inhibits sleep or could be linked to being wakeful during the night.

Even though alcohol may help you to nod off it has been linked to disturbed sleep later in the night. So you may like to reduce or avoid alcohol when wanting to improve the quality of your sleep.


Foot Massage

A foot massage is a traditional technique used to encourage relaxation for a good night's sleep.

Step 1: Warm your feet

Use a warming pad, hot water bottle, warm face cloth or immerse your feet in warm water for a few minutes then dry and begin. (Avoid very hot water as it can cause dryness)

Step 2: The massage

  1. In a sitting position, place one foot on the knee of your other leg, turning the sole toward the front of your body.
  2. Gently apply one of the following oils to your foot:  Vata Massage Oil during Autumn/Winter/Spring and Pitta Massage Oil during Summer.  Or use Sesame Oil or Almond Oil to replace Vata Massage Oil and Coconut Oil to replace Pitta Massage Oil. Be sure to add Vata Aroma Oil or Pitta Aroma Oil to the base carrier oil to ensure a soothing and relaxing effect. A good mixture of oil to aroma is 50 mls of Massage oil to which you have added 5-10 drops of Vata or Pitta Aroma oil.
  3. Place both thumbs together, just behind the ball of the foot and press into the foot, using deep, slow circles. If one spot on your foot is tight and aches, instead of massaging it, just press down hard on the spot with your thumbs, hold for several seconds, then release.
  4. Move your way up to the heel, then move on to the top of the foot.
  5. Now focus on your toes. Tug each one slowly and gently, then massage each by "rolling" it between a forefinger and thumb, working from the base of the toe to the end. Finish by wiggling the toes back and forth.
  6. Then wipe off any excess oil with a soft tissue or cloth and snuggle down in bed for a great night’s sleep!


Wishing you the bliss of a great night’s sleep!

Linda Sinden has been a practising Maharishi Ayurveda Consultant since 1990 and is a regular contributor to our weekly Insights. She has a practice in Auckland, New Zealand and also provides phone or Skype sessions for those who need assistance, but don’t have a consultant in their vicinity.

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