Two hands cupped is enough

Author: Maharishi Ayurveda   Date Posted:21 June 2016 

Do you agree with the statement you are what you eat?

Think about a time when you have been on the run and missed breakfast. How was your mental energy? How did you feel physically? Did you find yourself craving that chocolate bar later in the day or did you find yourself grazing during the evening?

If lunch was then on the run, did you notice a tendency for changeable mood, maybe even impatience or easily frustrated, hangry even? Or do you find that you rarely feel like breakfast as your appetite does not really kick in until around 10am?

Refuelling in the morning breaks the fast after the 10-12 hours fast since dinner. The brain needs fuel and the body appreciates the get-up-and-go that breakfast provides.

Kapha types often need a light breakfast to kick-start their mind and body first thing. Baked or stewed fruit is excellent with a drink of Kapha Tea or Rajas Cup to follow. Taking 1-2 tabs of Digest Tone and 1-2 capsules of Organic Turmeric after breakfast is a great way to wake up the digestive system for Kapha types. Morning time is an important time for you to take care of your digestion.


Vata types need to have a serious breakfast to help warm up and power up also. As Vata causes digestion to be irregular then winter is the time when it is important to support and strengthen your digestive power. Take 1/3-1/2 tsp of Agni Balance at the start of your meal. Try a good-sized bowl of porridge, milk, almonds or almond meal, with 2 handfuls of raisins soaked overnight and added to the porridge. Enjoy with a cup of Vata Tea


Pitta types find breakfast is not to be missed or discomfort occurs. If that is your experience then you already know what you need, as breakfast is not optional for you.  Just stay away from fried foods, coffee, meats or cheese as they are too heating or heavy for the liver first thing in the morning. The liver is one of the key organs that Pitta dosha governs so keeping it functioning happily first thing helps you to be objective, compassionate, even tempered and clear thinking. Choose wholesome and fresh foods to get the best start to your day. If you notice some discomfort after eating, take 1-2 tabs of Aci Balance to help balance a fiery digestion.


Lastly, how much to enjoy optimal digestion and nourishment

  • Take fruit and vegetables that are in season and taste the difference. Fresh local produce prepared by a happy cook will give the best results.
  • Eat with full attention, without reading, watching TV, working on the computer or driving. This can be a challenge in our time pressured world. Aim to sit at the table away from TV or your work desk, and put your full attention on eating.
  • Eat in a timely manner, at regular intervals throughout your day. Hunger is your body's indicator that it is ready to digest your food, so that nutrition will be optimal. Ideally hunger comes at regular intervals coinciding with breakfast, lunch and dinner meal times with a small snack if needed in between, to tide one over until the next meal time.
  • Allow time for the previous meal to be fully digested before loading the stomach with the next one. Taking food before the stomach has fully digested the previous meal can interrupt the process of digestion and metabolism giving rise to impurities from partial or incomplete digestion. According to Ayurveda these impurities can build up in the body and be damaging to your health in the long-term. 
  • For your first serving take the amount that would fill two hands cupped. Eat with full attention and chew slowly with enjoyment of flavours. 
  • Sit quietly after eating for 5-10 minutes. Then take a stroll to aid digestion for 10 minutes or if time is short for 100 steps.

Wishing you the health benefits of eating just the right quantity of food for you per meal - your 2 hands cupped!

Linda Sinden has been a practising Maharishi Ayurveda Consultant since 1990 and is a regular contributor to our weekly Insights. She has a practice in Auckland, New Zealand and also provides phone or Skype sessions for those who need assistance, but don’t have a consultant in their vicinity.

Email: Skype: Linda.Sinden 
Mobile: +64 212237525


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