Chyavanprash 250gmMA6363 250gm paste

Traditional Ayurvedic Rasayana

  • Supports the respiratory system
  • Traditional rejuvenative tonic for energy and vitality
  • Supports natural immunity
  • Supports cognitive processes: memory, retention and recall

This traditional Ayurvedic product, manufactured according to the original recipe from the classical Ayurvedic texts, contains only fully ripe Amalaki fruit, the precious bamboo product vanshlochan and a large number of high quality natural herbs, fruits, roots and spices, all carefully harvested in the most authentic Himalayan regions and other parts of India.

Always read the label and use as directed. Supplementary to a balanced diet. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. If pregnant take under the guidance of your healthcare professional

Latin English  Part Used %
Saccharum officinarum Sugarcane   60.000
Aqua Water purified   19.000
Emblica officinalis  Indian gooseberry Fruit 7.500
  Clarified butter   6.000
Bambusa arundinacea Bamboo manna   1.520
  Honey   1.458
Piper longum Long pepper Fruit 0.760
Cinnamomum tamala Indian cassia lignea Leaf 0.380
Cinnamomum zeylanicum Cinnamon  Bark 0.380
Elettaria cardamomum Lesser cardamom Fruit 0.380
Mesua ferrea Cobra's saffron Flower 0.380
Polygonatum verticillatum (Extract) - Root 0.266
Vitis vinifera (Extract) Grape dried Fruit 0.266
Teminalia chebula (Extract) Chebulic myrobalal Fruit rind 0.186
Inula racemosa (Extract) Inula root Root 0.148
Piper longum (Extract) Pepper long Fruit 0.144
Pistacia integerrima (Extract) Galls Gall 0.118
Pueraria tuberosa (Extract) Indian kudzu Tuberous root 0.099
Habenaria intermedia (Extract)   Tuberous root 0.076
Oroxylum indicum (Extract) Indian trumpet tree Bark 0.065
Solanum xanthocarpum (Extract) Yellow berried nightshade Whole plant 0.061
Gmelina arborea (Extract) Cashmere tree Bark 0.057
Teramnus labialis (Extract) - Whole plant 0.049
Tribulus terrestris (Extract) Small caltrops Fruit 0.049
Microtylis wallichii (Extract)   Tuberous root 0.046
Uraria picta (Extract)   Whole plant 0.046
Elettaria cardamomum (Extract) Lesser cardamom Fruit 0.042
Tinospora cordifolia (Extract) Gulancha tinospora Stem 0.042
Boerhaavia diffusa (Extract) Spreading hogweed Root 0.038
Clerodendron phlomidis (Extract) - Whole plant 0.038
Curcuma zedoaria (Extract) Indian zedoary Rhizome 0.038
Nymphaea stellata (Extract) Indian blue waterlily Flower 0.038
Phyllanthus niruri (Extract) Bitter gooseberry Whole plant 0.038
Sida cordifolia (Extract) Country mallow Whole plant 0.038
Solanum indicum(Extract) Indian nightshade Whole plant 0.030
Cyperus scariosus (Extract) Nut grass Tuberous root 0.027
Fritillaria roylei (Extract)   Bulb 0.027
Leptadenia reticulata (Extract) - Whole plant 0.027
Phaseolus trilobus (Extract) Wild gram Whole plant 0.027
Stereospermum suaveolens (Extract) Fragrant padri tree Bark 0.027
Adhatoda vasica (Extract) Malabar nut Root 0.023
Desmodium gangeticum (Extract) Tick trefoil Whole plant 0.023
Martynia annua (Extract) Tiger claw Fruit 0.015
Santalum album (Extract) Sandalwood White Heartwood 0.011
Aegle marmelos (Extract) Bael Bark 0.009
Aquilaria agallocha (Extract) Agarwood Heartwood 0.008
Take 1-2 slightly rounded teaspoons (10-20gms) with warm water or milk in the morning, or any other time of the day

I love it...

By: on 15 September 2020
Wow…after breakfast we took a teaspoon of the Chyavanprash and it was delicious and seemed to wake up our brains and senses. Felt really good after it

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The Herbs in Maharishi Ayurveda Products Are Prepared in the Traditional Ayurvedic Way. 100% Natural and Side-Effect Free. Made to Naturally Restore Balance in Your Body. Buy Now!