Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss: Vata-Related Weight Imbalances

Date Posted:30 November 2011 

In Ayurveda, each individual is predominantly one of three types of dosha: Vata, Pitta or Kapha. Vata types are usually slender and wiry, but they can also experience weight gain due to an imbalance in their dosha. All doshas have the capacity for creating ama, or digestive toxins, due to an imbalance. Healthy recipes for weight loss and all natural remedies can help a Vata-predominant individual shed unwanted pounds and avoid future weight gain.

Individuals who are Vata-predominant are more susceptible to mental stress. Mental stress can affect how much they eat, how often, and the types of food they eat. By not eating at consistent times every day or not eating three healthy meals a day, Vata-types can slow their metabolism down and upset their digestion. This creates ama in the body and can lead to unwanted weight gain and increased toxicity of the body.

Vata-predominant persons must reduce their mental stress levels and ensure they are eating three easily-digestible meals at the same time every day. Mental stress can also be reduced through measures like yoga, meditation, and deep-breathing techniques. As the stress levels decrease, the body’s channels are better able to eliminate the toxic ama and restore the proper function of the digestive system. It is also important to eat meals at the same time every day in order for the body's digestive system to perform at its best. Vata digestion tends to be irregular, and a consistent routine helps to avoid digestive trouble.

There are times throughout life, even for a slender Vata, when their metabolism changes. By maintaining a high level of mental stress, irregular meal times and unhealthy food choices, a Vata-type can severely impact their metabolism and cause it to be sluggish and non-responsive. This leads to weight gain and difficulty in losing weight regardless of the measures taken.

There is nothing more important for a Vata individual than a consistent routine. Bedtime should also be at the same time every night. Aim to go to sleep before 10pm and rise before 6am. Adequate sleep is essential for rebalancing Vata dosha.

Your three regular meals a day should be nurturing, warm-cooked and easy to digest. Foods that are too hot or spicy should be avoided, as well as foods that are too cold. Look for the middle ground when it comes to your diet; nothing should be too heavy or too light and airy, nothing too rich or heavy and nothing frozen, canned or processed. Junk foods should also be avoided.

There are many healthy recipes for weight loss that are Vata-friendly and can help regain the balance so essential for your dosha. Foods that are beneficial to Vata are squash, leguminous plants, zucchini, stewed apples and pears and whole grains. It is also beneficial to cook with nutrient-rich oils like olive oil and ghee.

Collect a variety of healthy recipes for weight loss with foods that are nurturing, easy to digest, and be sure to include foods that you like. Do not be afraid to experiment with unfamiliar foods - you may find that you have been missing out all these years. Vata-types need to keep their digestion functioning properly in order to maintain balance, but that cannot happen if you are not eating on a regular basis and eating foods that are beneficial to Vata dosha.

Avoiding mental stress is easier said than done, but it is especially important for a Vata-individual to cut out as much stress as they possibly can. Vata-types have a tendency to overuse and overtax their mind, which adds to their mental stress levels. The Transcendental Meditation program, yoga and pranayama (deep breathing) can greatly reduce mental stress and allow the body to clear its channels of any ama.

There are many all natural remedies that can help reduce mental stress. Worry Free Tea and Worry Free tablets can reduce mental stress, induce feelings of calm and relaxation, and allow you to better cope with daily stress. Both the tea and the tablet contain Brahmi, a well-known herb for relieving headaches, stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Other beneficial herbs contained in Worry Free products include Ashwagandha and Arjuna. Ashwagandha has been used as an all-natural remedy for hundreds of years. It is an adaptogen, meaning it can increase your resistance to fatigue, anxiety, stress and trauma. Research has shown Arjuna supports optimal heart and liver health.

Arjuna can also be found in the Blissful Joy tablets. Blissful Joy Tablets invigorate the mind, uplifts the emotions and nourishes the body. All three are a necessity when trying to regain Vata balance within the body. The more your Vata dosha is balanced, the less likely you are to struggle with unwanted weight problems.

All natural remedies are a great tool to rebalance Vata dosha. Vital Man or Vital Lady are also effective all natural remedies. These herbal formulas contain powerful herbs that increase mental focus and ability, reduce stress, enhance creativity and purify the blood and digestive system.

A Vata-type could diet and exercise to excess and still not lose weight if their Vata dosha is imbalanced. The channels of the body will continue to be clogged by ama and the metabolism will stay sluggish. Vata balance must be restored by a proper and consistent routine in sleeping, eating and reducing of mental stress. Vata-friendly healthy recipes for weight loss and all natural remedies can provide the tools you need to restore Vata balance.


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