How’s your heart health?

Date Posted:1 October 2013 

You've got to love your heart

The wonders of the human physiology are marvelously expressed in how our heart functions. An unsung hero, the heart continues to pump day in and day out keeping our mind and body running smoothly.

There are some early warning signals to be aware of in order to proactively support the heart and cardiovascular system. The major risk factors to be aware of are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, being overweight, blood sugar fluctuations or diabetes and the impact of intense or sustained stress.

Now the good news...

Heart health can be strongly impacted by your day-to-day choices. Yes, what you do matters and can make a significant difference.

To be in the driving seat of your heart health…

  • Reduce mental stressHigh levels of stress are linked to increased incidence of heart disease. Dr Robert Schneider (author of Total Heart Health) recommends the practice of Transcendental Meditation as key to significantly reducing risk of heart disease.
  • Take herbal formulas for your heart Maharishi Amrit Kalash Ambrosia and Nectar - help to keep your arteries clear and healthy. Amrit Kalash neutralises all known free radicals and was shown in clinical trials to help maintain cholesterol levels and boost antioxidants. Cardio Support - balance and support the heart with Cardio Support tablets especially when life is busy and pressured. It helps metabolise fat, supports the cardiac muscle, aids in cleansing the arteries and balancing cholesterol.
  • Eat heart-healthy foodsEat vibrant wholesome food such as organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Balance appetite, strengthen digestion and reduce the build up of impurities by taking Herbal Digest prior meals.
  • Get your 7.5 to 9 hours of beauty sleep each night. For a sleep aid drink a cup of Slumber Time Tea prior bed and take Peace at Night to aid a great nights sleep. Exercise every day for 30 minutes or more according to fitness level. Exercise pumps circulation, builds heart strength, boosts immunity, improves mental outlook, and helps to dissolves stress too. Great reasons to move and move more each day.
  • Culture healthy emotionsHow we think and feel impacts our physical heart. Emotional stress stimulates the release of adrenaline and other toxic hormones that damage the fine fabrics of the heart. Emotional health and reducing conflict is very important when wishing to maintain a healthy heart. It is important to take time to enjoy life and to culture loving experiences that create joy and happiness. Take Blissful Joy tablets to help balance all emotions including anger.


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