The Secret to Beautiful Skin

Date Posted:19 April 2012 

Water is a powerful life-giving element. It's cooling ... cleansing ... rejuvenating ... satisfying. Water gives stamina and removes fatigue. It aids digestion and elimination. It soothes emotions and supports the heart. In the ancient ayurvedic texts, water is referred to as nectar. Its powerful properties offer effective prevention therapies for cleansing and replenishing the body inside and out.

According to ayurveda, life is based on the five primary elements of space, air, fire, water and earth, each element giving rise to the next: space creates air, air creates fire, fire creates water and water creates earth. Therefore, water contains not only its own unique intelligence but also the intelligence of space, air and fire. Water can generate electricity. Water can make a seed grow. Water is a good conductor of heat and is instantly re-hydrating. Water is the perfect universal ingredient in all personal care products. The neutral quality is easy on the skin and compatible with other ingredients, and it offers some valuable therapies for nourishment.

Ayurveda explains the crucial role of water in supporting the skin. The skin is structured in six layers. The first layer is called udakdhara, "the layer that holds water." This layer also is referred to as awabhasini, "that which reflects the inner radiance." Since moisture is responsible for the skin’s luster, it grows dull if the body gets dehydrated. Therefore, ayurveda treats the skin from the inside, with internal water therapies and herbs such as those in Radiant Skin. As a general rule, ayurveda emphasizes the daily habit of drinking water to clean the inner channels of the body and flush out the toxins through urination and perspiration. But room-temperature water is not always adequate for purging toxins and re-hydrating the skin. This is especially true after 40, when the body slows down and absorption and circulation can need support. When toxins accumulate in the fine microcirculatory channels, water cannot reach the skin’s first layer and the skin gets dehydrated. For those more mature skin or a buid-up drinking extra water cannot remedy dry skin. Cleansing is also required, and for this, ayurveda offers corrective water therapies along with herbal remedies such as Smooth Skin.

Internal therapies

The primary enemy of good health and beautiful skin is referred to as ama in ayurveda. Ama is the residue from undigested food that collects in the cells, the fluids and the tissues. The buildup of ama weakens the body and the immune system causing aging and disease. The initial effects of ama are visible immediately on the first layer of skin as dryness, dullness and early aging. As ama builds, it interacts with the blood and tissues. This affects the second layer of skin called raktadhara, “that which holds blood.” This causes imbalance in the skin, which creates breakouts, hyperpigmentation and sensitivity. The unique combination of herbs in Radiant Skin helps to remove ama internally, re-hydrate the skin, and restore its glow and balance.

Usnodaka (oo sno' da kah) therapy is the regular habit of drinking boiled water. By boiling the drinking water for five minutes the intelligence of the element of fire is incorporated, which magnifies the properties of the water. Sipping boiled water cleans the fine inner channels of the body and burns ama. This therapy also enhances the power of agni, the fire of digestion. The stronger the digestive fire, the stronger the mental and physical stamina, the stronger the immune system, the stronger the health and the brighter the glow of the skin. Ayurveda recommends pure drinking water with a moderate mineral content. Drinking six to eight large cups of boiled water per day is a profound therapy for hydrating the skin and body and keeping toxins under control. The water can be sipped during and after meals, but not on an empty stomach. Boiled water can be used throughout the day but should not be saved overnight, since its therapeutic properties expire. Ayurveda prescribes three different temperatures for drinking boiled water, depending on the body type.

Kapha type people, whose predominant elements are water and earth, generally have larger body mass, a slow, graceful manner, and an easy disposition. Kapha types can sip the water hot. This reduces the toxic buildup to which kapha type skin is prone. Kapha Tea is specifically formulated to help reduce the toxic buidup kapha types are prone to.

Pitta types are dominated by the element of fire. They have medium frames with fair, sensitive skin, sharp hunger, keen intellect, and are sensitive to heat and sun. Pitta types should cool the boiled water to body temperature and drink with or after meals. Pitta Tea is particularly beneficial for helping cool and cleanse excess heat from the system.

Vata types are predominated by the element of wind and space. They are quick, slight of build and easily tire. Vata types can drink the water warm, avoiding hot and cold. Their cool, dry skin needs warm temperature water for hydration and to clear the channels and burn ama. Vata Tea is excellent for calming and soothing and for hydration throughout the year, in particular during autumn and winter.

Aushadhi (oh shah' dee) usnodaka therapy is the practice of drinking boiled water mixed with herbs. Aushadhi particularly is recommended after age 40 when the body slows down its processes of absorption, assimilation and circulation. It is also recommended when there is significant accumulation of ama in the body tissues and in the skin. Dry, dull skin indicates ama. Also, the skin becomes less tolerant to the sun and susceptible to early aging symptoms such as spots and wrinkles. Maharishi Ayurveda has a unique formulation for mature skin - Revitalising Cream. Formulated for the more mature and demanding skin, it uses rosehip seed oil, carrot oil, and real rose aroma oil - excellent for nourishing and hydrating mature skin.

For preparation of aushadhi, boil one liter of water for five minutes with the appropriate tea bag in it (along with any optional spices as below). Pour into a thermos, close the thermos to keep the herb water hot and drink throughout the day.

  • For Kapha types: Boil using one tea bag of Kapha Tea. Optional: add 2-3 leaves of basil. Sip hot throughout the day
  • For Pitta types: Boil Using one teabag of Pitta Tea. Optional: add 2-3 leaves of peppermint or spearmint. Sip at a comfortable temperature
  • For Vata types: Boil using one teabag of Vata Tea. Optional: add a thin slice of ginger root. Sip at a warm to hot temperature

For best results food should be eaten according to body type and the season. Also, good eating habits should be observed, such as eating in a settled and happy environment, favoring a moderate diet — not too light or too heavy, served at moderate temperatures, not skipping meals, eating fresh food and not eating leftovers. If these principles aren’t observed, ama continues to be created and all the herbalised water in the world will not wash it away.

If you have experienced a build-up of toxins then the following products are designed to help cleanse and restore balance to the skin


Radiant Skin (MA926) - Provides high quality nutrition for the skin. Helps reduce internal toxins from improper digestion, the source of skin blemishes. Very effective when combined with Digest Tone. 

Digest Tone (MA505) - Supports digestion and elimination; assists body in absorbing nutrients

Smooth Skin (MA125) - supports clear & healthy skin by keeping the blood pure & the pathways of elimination clear

Derma Assist (MADT12) - Traditional rasayana (restorative and rejuvenator) for the skin


Skin Assist (MA682) - A topical application useful in supporting certain skin conditions. Helps keep skin soft & healthy

VATA Skin Care - for dry to normal skin
Face: Daily use Cleansing Milk and Skin Refresher, followed with Vata Skin Care Cream (for mature skin use Revitalising Cream instead). Exfoliate 2-3 times a week with Sandalwood Face Mask. This removes the dead skin cells at the surface of the skin allowing the nourishment to penetrate deeper.

PITTA Skin care - Normal to sensitive skin
Face: Daily use Cleansing Milk and Skin Refresher, followed with Pitta Skin Care Cream (for mature skin use Revitalising Cream instead). Exfoliate 2-3 times a week with Sandalwood Face Mask. This removes the dead skin cells at the surface of the skin allowing the nourishment to penetrate deeper.
Body: Wash using Pitta Soap. Follow with an all-over body moisturiser using Pitta Body Lotion

KAPHA Skin Care - for oily skin
Face: Daily use Skin Refresher. Exfoliate 2 times a week with Sandalwood Face Mask. This removes the dead skin cells at the surface of the skin allowing the nourishment to penetrate deeper.
Body: Wash using Kapha Soap.

Mature Skin

As skin matures with age it takes on more of the qualities of Vata and therefore the Vata skin care routines are recommended for 50's plus using the Revitalising Cream to nourish and hydrate the face.

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