Warming up our relationships this Winter

Date Posted:25 June 2013 

From time to time it can be helpful to pause and reflect on the relationships that are central to our life, be it at home, in the extended community or work life. Understanding others through the window of the Ayurvedic Mind Body types is both fascinating and can be helpful in creating loving and harmonious relationships.

Understanding their Ayurvedic Profile

We are all born with certain tendencies according to the qualities of Vata, Pitta and Kapha that are naturally strongest in us. Over time, due to choices made regarding diet, lifestyle, exercise and stress, a mask of imbalances can arise; then a normally laid-back and relaxed partner (Kapha nature) can turn into an impatient and critical tiger; or an enthusiastic partner (Vata nature) can become depressed and anxious; or a charismatic, goal oriented compassionate partner (Pitta nature) becomes a driven, overly critical workaholic who doesn't have enough time in the day! Do you recognise any of these symptoms in people you interact with regularly?

Which of the following characteristics can you see in your partner?

  • Light, thin build
  • Walks and talks quickly
  • Hungry at any time of the day or night
  • Light interrupted sleep, insomnia
  • Excitable, vivacious, enthusiastic
  • Quick to learn and quick to forget
  • Tendency to worry, anxious
  • Tendency for constipation
  • Illness tendencies: Irritable bowel, osteo-arthritis, muscle seizure, cramps, high blood pressure, strokes, nerve pain, nervous system disorders
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  • Medium build and strength
  • Sharp hunger, can't skip meals
  • Tendency toward anger, irritability under stress
  • Fair or ruddy skin, often freckled
  • Enterprising, likes challenges
  • Sharp intellect
  • Good speaker, precise
  • Tendency to early greying and balding
  • Aversion to sun and hot weather
  • Illness tendencies: Skin disorders, ulcers, heart attacks, blood conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory diseases
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  • Solid, powerful build
  • Slow and graceful in action
  • Tranquil, relaxed personality
  • Slow to grasp new information, but never forgets
  • Easy to gain weight
  • Heavy, prolonged sleep
  • Affectionate, tolerant and forgiving
  • Can be possessive and complacent
  • Illness tendencies: High cholesterol, obesity, sinusitis, fluid retention, diabetes, cysts and growths, and frequent colds
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Happy people make a happy homeā€¦

Most importantly, you are the heart of your home or relationship. Ensure your needs for rest and relaxation, nutrition, exercise,  and times connecting with loved ones and friends are topped up each day. Be aware of the need we all have to do something we are passionate about each day; it can be in our paid work or outside of work.

Being happy and content is a crucial component of wellbeing and is the most important gift you can give to yourself and your partner.

If you've noticed that your partner's or your own imbalances are high or difficult to manage, professional help may make all the difference. Use our Ask an Expert service for herbals to help.

Wishing you the bliss of happy and fulfilling relationships,

The Get Balance Team


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