Beat the colds and flus...

Date Posted:10 May 2012 

According to Maharishi Ayurveda colds start in the stomach due to a build up of impurities from partial or incomplete digestion. These impurities (referred to as 'ama') load the immune system keeping it busy as it helps clean up the micro-channels from this invasion of toxins and impurities.

At such a time, should you also be exposed to cold and flu germs then your busy immune system may not be able to mobilise its forces quick enough to curb the invading germs. Cold symptoms such as runny nose, cough, and temperature may result as your body fights until the invading cold is gone and normal healthy functioning of your upper respiratory airways is established. What a miraculous defence system our body has to ensure our well-being. This week's Insight aims to help you support your wonderful body prevent colds, or help you recover from colds or flus.

How to avoid a cold

  • Keep your digestive fires burning bright. Take 1 tablet of Digest Tone before meals 3 times a day. If you experience difficulty with elimination - hard stool or less than once a day - Digest Plus is excellent for re-establishing balance of digestion and elimination. If you experience loose stool or have 3 or more bowel movements a day then Aci-Balance will help balance your digestion and elimination.
  • Keep your immune system strong with /bio-immune/bio-immune during the season when colds and flus are more prevalent - that's autumn to  winter and early spring. Bio-Immune will support your natural immunity as it helps to detoxify the blood and promotes cellular regeneration - which means a stronger immune army for you!
  • During autumn and winter it is helpful to supplement your diet with a rich source of easily absorbable natural  vitamins and minerals found in Herbal Absorb Multi-Mineral. This product does not replace healthy eating, but gives your nutrition a natural boost just when you might need it most.

What to do if you have a cold

When you experience the first symptoms such as a phlegmy throat, blocked nose, cough, chills, or you're simply not feeling right and wonder if a cold is coming on - here's what to do

  • Make a hot drink of Sniffle Free Tea and sip it every 15-30 minutes. One or two teabags in a 1-2litre flask makes it easy to sip regularly.
  • Prior meals: take 1 tablet of Congest Assist 3 times a day to help melt congestion In addition take: Protection Plus Respiratory (1-2 tablets twice a day) when congestion is more centred in the chest, or Protection Plus Sinuses when congestion is more in the sinus area (1-2 tablets twice a day).
  • After meals: take 1-2 tablets of Bio-Immune to support your natural immunity as it helps to detoxify the blood and promote cellular regeneration. In addition, take Herbal Absorb Multi-Mineral to give your nutrition and immune system a boost just when you need it.

When coughing is a nuisance

If phlegm builds irritating the throat and chest then our Clear Throat cough solution is excellent (Clear Throat is now the number one cough syrup in Norway). Take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day with warm water.

Keep your diet warm and light. Favour easy to digest foods such as soup spiced with fresh ginger root and Kapha Churna for a very warming meal. Avoid heavy foods such as cheese, yoghurt, meat, fried food and breads. Some people find dairy products can increase mucous at this time - reduce or avoid them.

Keep following the above recommendations until you feel well again. Continue for 1-3 days more to rebuild your underlying strength.

Should you need to rest then do so with a smile and put your attention on what gives you pleasure. Read a funny or uplifting book, article, listen to music, watch an inspiring video... enjoy your rest as it is nature's cure.


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