Are you ok with the hot weather?

Author: Linda Sinden   Date Posted:25 December 2019 

December to January is the season when in NZ and Australia the coolness of spring gives way to the full sunshine of summer. The changeable quality of Spring gives way to the sustained warmth of January into February. In some parts of Australasia the sustained warmth has lead to bush fires with heat waves worsening the situation currently.

As the weather becomes hot around us, so to our internal thermostat can become challenged.


Kapha Types
If you are a Kapha type then dry heat will not worry you, as you are well able to contend with hot temperatures as long as humidity is not high also. If the humidity is also high, your internal environment which is high in the water and earth elements is likely to become uncomfortably warm! Then it is important to be in air conditioned environs in order to keep cool and to venture out only in the early hours of the day and later hours of night when the weather becomes cooler.

The coolness of green leafy vegetables and a range of seasonal vegetables and fruit that you enjoy will be very helpful for soothing  this internal heat.  Sprinkle Pitta Churna over a savoury meal or use it in your cooking when the weather is hot, to ensure the right balance of tastes to support balance of Pitta dosha within your body and mind.

Be sure to stay well hydrated with room temperature water, a little fresh juice and Pitta tea. As coffee is heating it is better to reduce or avoid the early morning coffee and to replace it with a drink of lemon or lime juice with a tsp of honey and 2-3 pinches of turmeric. Alcohol is also heating so it is best to avoid spirits and red wine and to moderate or avoid alcohol consumption during hot weather.

Although a Kapha type is less impacted by late nights it is important to be in bed by 10.30pm and to wake with the sun. It is best to exercise first thing in the morning as the sun is rising as it naturally creates physical, mental and emotional energy and vibrancy that will last throughout the whole day. Plus it is fun! Be active in ways you enjoy.


Pitta Types
If the fire element is strong in you then you are a Pitta type which means the intense or sustained heat of Summer can be a challenge for you. As the fire element is naturally high within as the weather becomes hot this can cause your Pitta qualities to become aggravated or imbalanced giving rise to symptoms of Pitta imbalance.


About Pitta dosha
When you are enterprising, direct to the point, perceptive and decisive by nature with a tendency to be invigorated by work, deadlines and experience symptoms such as increased appetite or acidity, loose bowel motions, increased body heat, feeling intense and driven when stressed and are easily angered, then Pitta Dosha may have become imbalanced within you.

Pitta governs bodily functions concerned with heat, metabolism and energy production. It controls the chemical transformation processes associated with digestion and metabolism of food and all life experiences. Key areas include functioning of the eyes, healthy glow of skin, drive and decisiveness, sense of meaning and purpose in life, digestion, assimilation and metabolism for healthy uptake of nutrients and healthy toxin-free blood. The main seat of Pitta in the body is in the small intestines.

If you are strong in Pitta by nature and it is high summer then this is the time of year to be very careful!  As the heat increases within your digestive system it can give rise to heat in the intestines, acidity, loose bowel along with impatience, sarcasm, being ‘right or a perfectionist’ and finding people are irritating, confronting, stupid or down right frustrating! If those thoughts are familiar to you then consider that your Pitta dosha is out of balance. As the heat in your blood overheats your heart and finer feeling it can give rise to a more caustic response to life. Be reassured once Pitta dosha becomes more settled your sweet, chivalrous, compassionate and contented nature will come forth again.


What to do...

  1. Always stop and eat when you are hungry.  Your stomach may burn or become uncomfortable if a meal is delayed so eat at regular intervals.
  2. Eat with your full attention, away from distractions or work.
  3. Take Breakfast within 1 hour of waking, 
  4. Have Lunch at Noon - make this the larger meal of the day. Where you can take a walk for 10-15 minutes after lunch.
  5. Take your  Evening Meal by 6-7pm. Where you can take a walk for 10-15 minutes after your evening meal.
  6. If you experience acidity or heat in the stomach take Aci Balance 1-2 tablets after meals.
    Aci Balance helps to balance the production of digestive acids in a natural and gentle way.  
  7. Drink Pitta tea regularly throughout the day, and stay well hydrated. Water, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, peppermint, chamomile and Pitta teas are very helpful for you.
  8. Favour Pitta Balancing Foods
  9. Enjoy an evening walk in the moonlight and take time to appreciate and give gratitude to those around you.
  10. Participate in watersports or take walks in natural environments such as parks and around lakes.
  11. Practise moderation in all things!


Vata Types
If your response to hot weather is changeable, sometimes this and sometimes that.. Then Vata dosha is affecting you strongly. As much as you may enjoy the exhilaration of change and challenge be alert to overdoing it as your energy can come in fits and starts.

Summer time helps to keep your circulation warm and comfortable and can support digestion as your hunger levels may become more regular when the weather is warmer. Even though salad or raw foods may be more palatable for you when the weather is warm, take them in moderation and ensure some warm food is present in every meal. It really helps to ground and stabilise the more airy and cold qualities of Vata within you.

As the days get longer, your natural excitement and desire to not miss out can kick in. If so, be sure to hold to a regular routine of early-to-bed (by 10pm) and early-to-rise by 6am to help ensure mind body balance. Also take Herbal Digest 2 tablets prior food and Brahmi 1 tablet after food. If sleep is variable or unsettled consider taking 2 tablets of Stress Relief at bedtime also as this formula helps to settle an overactive stress cortisol response helping you to feel smooth the next day. If you find your bowel tends to be a little hard or sluggish take 2 tablets of Digest Tone at bedtime.

Wishing you all the bliss of balance this Summer and always.

Linda Sinden has been a practising Maharishi Ayurveda Consultant since 1990 and is a regular contributor to our weekly Insights. She has a practice in Auckland, New Zealand and also provides phone or Skype sessions for those who need assistance, but don’t have a consultant in their vicinity.

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