Preparation for Summer

Author: Linda Sinden   Date Posted:10 December 2018 

The meteorological start of summer in NZ and Australia was December 1st. So welcome Summer!

If we follow the tide of nature, some would say summer starts with the summer equinox  on the 22nd December. The Summer equinox occurs when the sun reaches the most southerly point in the sky. So those of us who live in the southern hemisphere, experience the longest day of the year on the day of the equinox.

No matter which date you wish to go with, Ayurveda explains that from now until 22nd December it is the perfect time to prepare for a great summer with a gentle digestive reset. If it is not possible to do over the next two weeks then consider doing this in early January.

As Pitta governs digestion and metabolism and we are going into Pitta Season, then a digestive reset over the next 2 weeks is advised. A digestive reset can help to keep you energised and well throughout summer. You may well ask, why do I really need it?


  • If you did a spring cleanse in early September then it is helpful, but not a must do.
  • If you didn’t complete a spring cleanse then I’d suggest it is really important for you to complete a simple cleanse over the next couple of weeks.

Here is the logic to support my recommendation.

The impurities that accumulated during last winter were released from your deeper tissues back into circulation early last September as your body prepared for an annual Spring cleanse. If they were not cleansed at this time, they will have be reabsorbed back into your deeper tissue.

These impurities, along with the impurities from incomplete digestion over the last 3 months will now be circulating within you, ready for a gentle Summer cleanse. A gentle cleanse now will help your body do what it wants to do right now - that is, cleanse out the circulating impurities.

Ayurveda explains when impurities build up within, then over time they become a source of discomfort and dis-ease. From my experience with clients, I can definitely confirm this.


Keeping in mind that this is also a festive time I suggest the following herbals for 2 weeks

Where you can, over this time take an early morning walk for 30 minutes, have your main quantity of food at lunch time, sit to eat with full attention and get 8 hours sleep a night.

Your body will say thank you!


Wishing you the bliss of balance.

Linda Sinden has been a practising Maharishi Ayurveda Consultant since 1990 and is a regular contributor to our weekly Insights. She has a practice in Auckland, New Zealand and also provides phone or Skype sessions for those who need assistance, but don’t have a consultant in their vicinity.

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