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What Causes Kapha Imbalance?

If you are experiencing some discomfort, there is usually a precipitating cause – a pattern of behaviour that has thrown the dosha out of balance. This cause can be identified and corrected. Here are typical patterns to look for:

  • Hereditary factors – diabetes, allergies or obesity runs in your family 
  • You have gained a lot of weight and feel depressed about it. 
  • Your diet contains large amounts of sugar, salt, fatty or fried foods, heavy foods,
    dairy products, especially cheese, milk and ice cream. 
  • You are under stress and react by withdrawing, feeling insecure and unwanted. 
  • Placing excessive emphasis on possessing, storing and saving things. 
  • You are dependent or over-protective in relationships. 
  • You have been sleeping late more than a few days in a row. 
  • The weather is cold, damp or snowy, (typically late winter to spring weather).


Qualities: Each dosha has certain qualities. For Kapha these are heavy, solid, cold, unctuous, soft, sweet, steady, and moist and slow by nature. When one or more of these qualities increases beyond comfortable limits for you, then a symptoms of imbalance will arise.  The more subtle imbalances arise first in the mind and emotions and then develop into bodily symptoms.  

For example if you sleep late for more than a few days in a row and do not exercise you are likely to feel slowed down, lethargic, even low in mood. 

If your diet is high in refined sugar,  salty, fatty or fried foods and your main meal is taken in the evening when digestive capacity is reduced, then weight gain is likely to become an issue for you.

Maintaining Balance 

Nature has made the process of maintaining balance easy for us through the body’s natural desire to maintain balance. There is a tendency deep in the nature of each person to protect health by self-correcting. 

When one is good at listening to one’s needs within, then one naturally does what is right for health and happiness; sleepy - one sleeps, hungry - one eats, thirsty - one drinks and so on.

Balancing Tips

Balance the cold and stable qualities of Kapha by being physically active each day.  It is good for you to feel your blood pumping and to warm your body. Be sure to pace yourself by breathing  comfortably through the nose if you are new to exercise or have not exercised regularly for the last 6 months.    

Include a range of cardio vascular and body resistance or weight training in your exercise routine. 

Herbals that help Kapha

  • Digest Tone to warm up your metabolism and reduce accumulation of mucous and weight gain. 
  • Amla Berry Plus to support development of lean muscle mass , vitality, strength and endurance.
  • Be Trim tablets to support weight loss
  • Blissful Joy to restore a happy tone to your moods.
  • Gluco Balance to aid in the healthy metabolism of carbohydrates to support healthy blood sugar balance.
  • Kapha Tea or Be Trim Tea during the day to reduce sugar cravings, aid reduction of mucous and maintenance of a healthy body weight. Be Trim 1 or Be Trim 2 to aid weight reduction, reduce sugar cravings and aid with carbohydrate metabolism.

Every-day herbals for Kaphas 

Kapha Tea Organic
Kapha Spice Mixture Organic
Digest Tone
Be Trim 1 Booster Pack
(normal appetite)
Be Trim 2 Booster Pack
(strong appetite)
Kapha Aroma Oil
Kapha Massage Oil Organic
Kapha Soap

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